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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Dec-2020Combining the integrated-change model with self-determination theory: Application in physical activityCheung, KL; Eggers, SM; de Vries, H
2020Adding web-based behavioural support to exercise referral schemes for inactive adults with chronic health conditions: the e-coachER RCTTaylor, AH; Taylor, RS; Ingram, WM; Anokye, N; Dean, S; Jolly, K; Mutrie, N; Lambert, J; Yardley, L; Greaves, C; King, J; McAdam, C; Steele, M; Price, L; Streeter, A; Charles, N; Terry, R; Webb, D; Campbell, J; Hughes, L; Ainsworth, B; Jones, B; Jane, B; Erwin, J; Little, P; Woolf, A; Cavanagh, C
27-Nov-2020Randomised controlled trial of an augmented exercise referral scheme using web-based behavioural support for inactive adults with chronic health conditions: The e-coachER trialTaylor, A; Taylor, RS; Ingram, W; Dean, SG; Jolly, K; Mutrie, N; Lambert, J; Yardley, L; Streeter, A; Greaves, C; McAdam, C; Price, L; Anokye, NK; Campbell, J
9-Dec-2020The physiological demands of Singing for Lung Health compared to treadmill walkingPhilip, KEJ; Lewis, A; Buttery, SC; McCabe, C; Manivannan, B; Fancourt, D; Orton, C; Polkey, MI; Hopkinson, NS
1-Feb-2021Aerosol transmission of SARS-CoV-2: inhalation as well as exhalation mattersPhilip, KEJ; Lewis, A; Buttery, S; McCabe, C; Fancourt, D; Orton, C; Polkey, MI; Hopkinson, NS
23-Jan-2018Understanding Organisational Ability and Self-Regulation in Children with Developmental Coordination DisorderGreen, D; Payne, S
22-Jan-2019International clinical practice recommendations on the definition, diagnosis, assessment, intervention, and psychosocial aspects of developmental coordination disorderBlank, R; Barnett, AL; Cairney, J; Green, D; Kirby, A; Polatajko, H; Rosenblum, S; Smits-Engelsman, B; Sugden, D; Wilson, P; Vinçon, S
15-Jan-2021Assessing Markers of Reproducibility and Transparency in Smoking Behaviour Change Intervention EvaluationsNorris, E; He, Y; Loh, R; West, R; Michie, S
24-Nov-2020Living Alone with Mild-To-Moderate Dementia: Findings from the IDEAL CohortClare, L; Martyr, A; Henderson, C; Gamble, L; Matthews, FE; Quinn, C; Nelis, SM; Rusted, J; Thom, J; Knapp, M; Hart, N; Victor, C
18-Feb-2021Is loneliness a cause or consequence of dementia? A public health analysis of the literatureVictor, C
23-Jan-2021Perceived and objective availability of green and blue spaces and quality of life in people with dementia: results from the IDEAL programmeWu, Y-T; Clare, L; Jones, IR; Nelis, S; Quinn, C; Martyr, A; Victor, C; Lamont, R; Rippon, I; Matthews, F
25-Jan-2021The risk of dementia in adults with cerebral palsy: A matched cohort study using general practice dataSmith, K; Petersen, M; Victor, C; Ryan, J
13-Aug-2020Evaluating the validity, reliability and clinical utility of the Music therapy Sensory Instrument for Cognition, Consciousness and Awareness (MuSICCA): protocol of a validation studyPool, JW; Siegert, RJ; Taylor, S; Dunford, C; Magee, WL
12-Dec-2020What (if any) behaviour change techniques do government-led cybersecurity awareness campaigns use?van Steen, T; Norris, E; Atha, K; Joinson, A
2020Lung volume reduction eligibility in patients with COPD completing pulmonary rehabilitation: results from the UK National Asthma and COPD Audit ProgrammeButtery, SC; Lewis, A; Kemp, SV; Banya, W; Quint, JK; Steiner, MC; Hopkinson, NS
2020Moving singing for lung health online in response to COVID-19: experience from a randomised controlled trialPhilip, KEJ; Lewis, A; Jeffery, E; Buttery, S; Cave, P; Cristiano, D; Lound, A; Taylor, K; Man, WD-C; Fancourt, D; Polkey, MI; Hopkinson, NS
19-Oct-2020Pertussis vaccination in pregnancy in Canada: a cost-utility analysisAbu-Raya, B; Coyle, D; Bettinger, JA; Vaudry, W; Halperin, SA; Sadarangani, M
Jun-2018Spiritual Care and Social Work: Integration into PracticeHughes, B; Wintz, S; Hall, E; Carbonell, EL; Hodge, DR; Mulvaney, E; Nelson-Becker, H; Shim, S; Sormanti, M; Stepney, LMC
13-Oct-2020Dance for people with chronic respiratory disease: A qualitative studyPhilip, KEJ; Lewis, A; Williams, S; Buttery, SC; Polkey, MI; Man, W; Fancourt, D; Hopkinson, NS
10-Sep-2020Comparison of the CHU-9D and the EQ-5D-Y instruments in children and young people with cerebral palsy: A cross-sectional studyRyan, JM; McKay, E; Anokye, N; Noorkoiv, M; Theis, N; Lavelle, G
5-Oct-2020Investigating outcome measures for assessing airway clearance techniques in adults with cystic fibrosis: protocol of a single-centre randomised controlled crossover trialStanford, G; Davies, JC; Usmani, O; Banya, W; Charman, S; Jones, M; Simmonds, NJ; Bilton, D
10-Nov-2020The immigration of social workers: From Zimbabwe to EnglandWillett, L; Hakak, Y
18-Nov-2020The use and perception of support walkers for children with disabilities: A United Kingdom SurveyGeorge, C; Levin, W; Ryan, J
Oct-2020Open Science in Health Psychology: Launching the EHPS Open Science SIGNorris, E; Toomey, E
1-Aug-2020Effects of Explicit and Implicit Motor Instruction Methods in Pupils with Special Needs: The Relationship with Verbal and Visuospatial Working MemoryKok, M; Kal, E; van der Kamp, J
20-Oct-2020Spiritual Diversity, Spiritual Assessment, and Māori End-of-Life Perspectives: Attaining Ka EaNelson-Becker, H; Moeke-Maxwell, T
Dec-2012Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Patient Experiences of COPD and Pulmonary Rehabilitation: An Applied Phenomenological StudyLewis, A
2020Covid-19 ICU Remote-Learning Course (CIRLC): Rapid ICU remote training for frontline health professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic in the UKCamilleri, M; Zhang, X; Norris, M; Monkhouse, A; Harvey, A; Wiseman, A; Sinha, P; Hemsley, A; Tsang, S; Menon, A; Sinmayee, S; Jones, M; Buckley, J; Johnson, R; Medici, T; Corner, E
2020Face masks, vision, and fall risk: Look down or slow down?Kal, E; Young, W; Ellmers, T
31-Oct-2020‘Recoupling’ the attentional and motor control of preparatory postural adjustments to overcome Freezing of Gait in Parkinson’sMaslivec, A; Fielding, A; Wilson, M; Norris, M; Young, W
2020A longitudinal study of the turning points and trajectories of therapeutic relationship development in occupational and physical therapyHorton, A; Hebson, G; Holman, D
25-Sep-2020We Need to Talk About Racism—In All of Its Forms—To Understand COVID-19 DisparitiesMilner, A; Franz, B; Henry Braddock, J
26-Sep-2017Transgender Women's Experiences with Stigma, Trauma, and Attempted Suicide in the Dominican RepublicBudhwani, H; Hearld, KR; Milner, A; Charow, R; McGlaughlin, E; Rodriguez-Lauzurique, RM; Rosario, S; Paulino-Ramirez, R
2020Dying Alone and Lonely Dying: Media Discourse and Pandemic ConditionsNelson-Becker, H; Victor, C
23-Aug-2020Religious/Spiritual Struggles and Spiritual Resilience in Marginalised Older AdultsNelson-Becker, H; Thomas, M
2020What are the benefits of pet ownership and care among people with mild-to-moderate dementia? Findings from the IDEAL programmeOpdebeeck, C; Katsaris, M; Martyr, A; Lamont, R; Picket, J; Rippon, I; Thom, J; Victor, C; Clare, L
11-Feb-2019Mate retention Strategies, Self-Esteem, Mate Value and Facial Attractiveness Disparity in Brazil and in the UKNascimento, BS; Little, AC
31-Jul-2019Mate Retention Behaviours and Jealousy in Hypothetical Mate-Poaching Situations: Measuring the Effects of Sex, Context, and Rivals’ AttributesNascimento, BS; Little, A
28-Oct-2019Relapse prevention interventions for smoking cessationLivingstone‐Banks, J; Norris, E; Hartmann‐Boyce, J; West, R; Jarvis, M; Chubb, E; Hajek, P
10-Mar-2020A commentary on “World Health Organization declares global emergency: A review of the 2019 novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)”Shah, SGS; Farrow, A
28-Mar-2018Lung Topology Characteristics in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseBelchi, F; Pirashvili, M; Conway, J; Bennett, M; Djukanovic, R; Brodzki, J
2007Applied Social Sciences for Public Health (ASSPH) Higher degree training for implementation research on tropical diseasesGouda, H; Fox-Rushby, J; Heald, S; Helman, C; Parker, M; Pokhrel, S; Skelly, C; Reidpath, D; Allotey, P
13-Nov-2019Colorblind RacismMilner, A
12-Oct-2017Understanding the relationship between brain and upper limb function in children with unilateral motor impairments: A multimodal approachWeinstein, M; Green, D; Rudisch, J; Zielinski, IM; Benthem-Muñiz, M; Jongsma, MLA; McClelland, V; Steenbergen, B; Shiran, S; Ben Bashat, D; Barker, GJ
19-Nov-2019Research beyond biomedical confines: towards better mental health and well-being for allTeoh, JY; Lim, KH
2020Liberal versus restrictive red blood cell transfusion thresholds in hematopoietic cell transplantation: A randomized, open label, phase III, noninferiority trialTay, J; Allan, DS; Chatelain, E; Coyle, D; Elemary, M; Fulford, A; Petrcich, W; Ramsay, T; Walker, I; Xenocostas, A; Tinmouth, A; Fergusson, D
12-May-2020Fear of Falling Alters Anticipatory Postural Control during Cued Gait InitiationEllmers, TJ; Maslivec, A; Young, WR
27-Jun-2020Virtual follow-up and care for patients with cardiac electronic implantable devices: Protocol for a systematic reviewKelly, SE; Clifford, TJ; Coyle, D; Martin, J; Welch, V; Skidmore, B; Birnie, D; Parkash, R; Tang, ASL; Wells, GA
26-Jun-2020Progressive resistance training for adolescents with cerebral palsy: the STAR randomized controlled trialRyan, JM; Lavelle, G; Theis, N; Noorkoiv, M; Kilbride, C; Korff, T; Baltzopoulos, V; Shortland, A; Levin, W
15-Jul-2020The role of the anterior intraparietal sulcus and the lateral occipital cortex in fingertip force scaling and weight perception during object liftingvan Polanen, V; Rens, G; Davare, M
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 996