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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Event-related potentials to changes in facial expression in two-phase transitionsWright, MJ; Kuhn, LK
2016Research ethicsGeorge, AJT
2016A comparison of methods to estimate anaerobic capacity: Accumulated oxygen deficit and W’ during constant and all-out work-rate profilesMuniz-Pumares, D; Pedlar, C; Godfrey, R; Glaister, M
2013Economic modelling of diagnostic and treatment pathways in NICE clinical guidelines: the MAPGuide projectLord, J; Willis, S; Eatock, J; Tappenden, P; Trapero-Bertran, M, et al
2017Effects of auditory distraction on voluntary movements: exploring the underlying mechanisms associated with parallel processingBigliassi, M; Karageorghis, CI; Nowicky, AV; Wright, MJ; Orgs, G
2017Is sociopolitical egalitarianism related to bodily and facial formidability in men?Price, ME; Sheehy-Skeffington, J; Sidnaius, J; Pound, N
2017Differential DNA methylation at conserved non-genic elements and evidence for transgenerational inheritance following developmental exposure to mono(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate and 5-azacytidine in zebrafishLegler, J; Kamstra, JH; Bastos Sales, L; Aleström, P
2017Effect of projection variables on throw distance and flight time in an American football throwLinthorne, NP; Modebe, A-SN
2017Effect of altitude on 100-m sprint times: An analysis of race times from the finals at major championshipsLinthorne, NP
2017Identity and interethnic marriage in the United StatesGaines, SO
2017When Peter Caws met Jacques Lacan: Some notes on the scientific status of psychoanalysisNobus, DM
2017Interactions of the innate immune system with carbon nanotubesPondman, KM; Salvador-Morales, C; Paudyal, B; Sim, RB; Kishore, U
2017Effect of ball weight on speed, accuracy, and mechanics in cricket fast bowlingWickington, K; Linthorne, N
2017From lipid homeostasis to differentiation: Old and new functions of the zinc cluster proteins Ecm22, Upc2, Sut1 and Sut2Hoefken, T; Joshua, IM
2017How did the public respond to the 2015 expert consensus public health guidance statement on workplace sedentary behaviour? A qualitative analysisGardner, B; Smith, L; Mansfield, L
2017The effect of a sequential structure of practice for the training of perceptual-cognitive skills in tennisBroadbent, D; Ford, PR; O'Hara, DA; Williams, AM; Causer, J
2016Bodies of knowledge: connecting the evidence bases on physical activity and health inequalitiesKay, T
2016Perceptions of emotional abuse in the coach-athlete relationship in youth sport: The influence of competitive level and outcomeGervis, M; Rhind, D; Luzar, A
2017Male facial appearance and offspring mortality in two traditional societiesBoothroyd, LG; Gray, AW; Headland, TN; Uehara, RT; Waynforth, D, et al
2016Mcardle disease misdiagnosed as meningitisScalco, RS; Chatfield, S; Junejo, MH; Booth, S; Pattni, J, et al
2016EP-2069: CDC73 deficiency: a syndrome with multiple tumours is predicted to show excessive radiosensitivityBourton, E
2016Skeletal muscle disorders of glycogenolysis and glycolysisGodfrey, R; Quinlivan, R
2014Can high-intensity exercise be more pleasant? Attentional dissociation using music and videoJones, L; Karageorghis, CI; Ekkekakis, P
2016Proceedings of patient reported outcome measure’s (PROMs) conference Sheffield 2016: Advances in patient reported outcomes researchCroudace, T; Brazier, J; Gutacker, N; Street, A; Robotham, D, et al
2017An Early Triassic (Smithian) stromatolite associated with giant ooid banks from Lichuan (Hubei Province), South China: Environment and controls on its formationFang, Y; Chen, ZQ; Kershaw, S; Li, Y; Luo, M
2017Countercurrent chromatography separation of saponins by skeleton type from Ampelozizyphus amazonicus for off-line ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography/high resolution accurate mass spectrometry analysis and characterisationde Souza Figueiredo, F; Celano, R; de Sousa Silva, D; das Neves Costa, F; Hewitson, P, et al
2016Identifying the Key Parameters of the European-Study on Quantifying Utility of Investment in Protection from Tobacco (EQUIPT) ModelNemeth, B; Kulchaitanaroaj, P; Lester-George, A; Huic, M; Pokhrel, S, et al
2017Leveraging mega events for capacity building in voluntary sport organisationsGirginov, V; Peshin, N; Belousov, L
2017Cross Adaptation - Heat and Cold Adaptation to Improve Physiological and Cellular Responses to HypoxiaGibson, O; Taylor, L; Watt, PW
2014On the stability and relevance of the exercise heart rate-music-tempo preference relationshipKarageorghis, CI; Jones, L
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 30 of 1237
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