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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Stay hungry, stay choosy: a dystopian novel based on insights from critical ethnographic research on the overeducated and underemployed in Italy and the United KingdomBrayfield, C; Weldon , F; Kinnings, M; Buciu, Felicia Catalina
2017Becoming indiscernible: from bare life to female machines. A study of the philosophy of Agamben and Deleuze in the space of science fictionWatkin, W; Boudreau, K; Krzywinska, T; Brown, D; Cox, Emily Venetia
2016Europe after the rain: Alan Burns and the post-war avant-gardeTew, P; Hubble, N; Devaney, Kieran John Michael
2017Towards hypertextual music: digital audio, deconstruction and computer music creationWiegold, P; Fox, C; Barrett, R; Britton, Sam
2017The performance of breathlessness on the pageTempleton, F; Birringer, J; Cho, B; Worden, Jessica
2017A critical review of four novels: Hitman, The Fixer, Baptism and SacrificePenny, S; Morrison, J; Thorne, M; Kinnings, Max
2016Unpacking the industrial, cultural and historical contexts of Doctor Who's fan-producersWilliamson, M; Hunt, L; Adams, Mark Richard
2011Hacking traditional instruments: approaches to sound-oriented instrumental compositionFox, C; Muenz, H; Morales Murguía, Hugo
2014The professional officer class in post-war cinema – or how British films learned to stop worrying and love the affluent societyPetley, J; Hunt, L; Roberts, Andrew
2017The culture of ‘the Culture’: utopian processes in Iain M. Banks’s space opera seriesHubble, N; Tew, P; Norman, Joseph S
2013Playing against the grain: Rhetorics of counterplay in console based first-person shooter videogames.Krywinska, T; Meades, Alan Frederick
2014Has the fire burned out? New Labour and the end of British Social RealismKinnings, M; Wayne, M; Nwonka, Clive, James
2014A linguistic analysis of Francis Bacon's contribution to three Shakespeare plays: the comedy of errors, love's labour's lost, and the tempestLeahy, W; Clarke, Barry R
2011Towards a new aesthetic in contemporary instrumental ensemble, vocal and chamber opera compositionWiegold, P; Barrett, R; Thompson, Shirley J
2015Shakespearean biografiction: how modern biographers rely on context, conjecture and inference to construct a life of the BardLeahy, W; Gaston, S; Kevin, Gilvary
2015Factions and class fictions: investigating narratives of resistance in representations of lower-class men in post-War British literature in the New Wave & Thatcherite years & If I’m ever to find these trees meaningful I must have you by the thighs: a collection of poemsLynch, C; Thorne, M; Smith, Wayne
2014After Postmodernism: Contemporary theory and fictionWatkin, W; Tew, P; Tsoulou, Martha
2015Digital performance: how representations of physical and virtual bodies inform identity construction/deconstructionBroadhurst, S; Ren, Helenna
2016The Gift of Death, or, Beyond the Beneficent Spider: A novel & associated critical expositionThorne, M; Fulton, D; Hubble, N; Tew, Philip
2014Communicative semiotics in everyday life (Cultural criticism – the image in the 21st century)Hubble, N; Fidouh, Dalel
2016Trajectories, thresholds, transformations: Coming of age in classic modern fantasy fictionHubble, N; Tew, P; Ersoy, Gozde
2015The representation of the Iraq War in selected Anglo-American and Iraqi novelsTew, P; Mohammed, Pshtiwan Faraj
2015'Liberties and licences': gender, stream of consciousness and the philosophy of Henri Bergson and William James in selected female modernist fiction 1914-1929Tew, P; Saeed, Alan Ali
2015Early screenwriting teachers 1910-1922: Origins, contribution and legacyKing, G; Curran, Stephen Charles
2016From virtuoso solo to ensemble operaFox, C; Wiegold, P; Tafreshipour, Amir Mahyar
2016Paradigms, perspectives and participation: reconceptualising amateur orchestras as unique socio-musical communities of practiceWiegold,P; Arrowsmith, James Donald
2015A critical review of four novels by Celia Brayfield considering their production and impact in the context of contemporary literatureThorne, M; Knepper, W; Brayfield, Celia
2015Composing with an expanded instrumental paletteWalshe, J; McGuire, Paul
2015News values in online and visual data journalismDick, Murray
2015From buddy movie to bromanceKinnings, M; Vaughan, Nicola
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 30 of 101
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