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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Arts, censorship and the Greek law: Blasphemy v hate speechPolymenopoulou, E
2016Briefing: police violence and press freedom in GreecePolymenopoulou, E
2013Colin Harvey and Alex SchwartzPolymenopoulou, E
2016Collective cultural claims before the international court of justicePolymenopoulou, E
2014Cultural rights in the case-law of the International Court of Justice (ICJ)Polymenopoulou, E
2016Does one swallow make a spring? Artistic and literary freedom at the European Court of Human RightsPolymenopoulou, E
2017Freedom of the ArtsPolymenopoulou, E
2015Greece: Press freedom & defamation laws in a time of crisisPolymenopoulou, E
2017Honour killings in Turkey: women’s rights, feminist approaches and domestic legislation at crossroadsXanthaki, A; Polymenopoulou, E; Rehman, J; Kulahli, Ayse
2012I. African court on human and peoples’ rights, African commission on human and peoples’ rights v. Great socialist people’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, order for provisional measures, 25 March 2011Polymenopoulou, E
2017Indigenous cultural heritage and artistic expressions: “Localizing” intellectual property rights and UNESCO claimsPolymenopoulou, E
2013Is green a part of the rainbow? Sharia, homosexuality and LGBT rights in the Muslim worldRehman, J; Polymenopoulou, E
2012La liberté d’expression en Russie : journalistes, artistes et écrivains persécutésPolymenopoulou, E
2013Recent developments in Pakistan: blasphemy laws, religious minorities and the case of Aasia BibiPolymenopoulou, E; Rehman, J
2013Recent developments in Pakistan: Sharia law & human rights: The case of Mukhtar MaiPolymenopoulou, E; Rehman, J
2017The role of ‘culture’ and ‘cultural rights’ in the prevention and management of disastersPolymenopoulou, E; Flavia Zorzi Giustiniani, Emanuele Sommario, Federico Casolari, Giulio Bartolini